pdf 1938.pdf 8.33MB 3 years old
pdf 1985.pdf 12.58MB 3 years old
pdf _LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_1715.pdf 126.47KB 3 years old
pdf _LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_2415.pdf 127.35KB 3 years old
pdf _LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_4115.pdf 123.9KB 3 years old
pdf Beneficial_Use_of_Dredged_Material_Update_on_the_Ten_Year_Anniversary_of_Hurricane_Katrina.pdf 214.76KB 2 years old
pdf BIG_RIVER_WORKS_PROSPECTUS.pdf 10.39MB 6 years old
pdf BRC Comments on Corps Navigation Strategic Vision Report 31312.pdf 1.46MB 6 years old
pdf Dr. Mike Strains House Ways and Means RAMP Statement.pdf 623.24KB 6 years old
pptx Dredge Info Addendum Presentation 22216.pptx 47.85MB 2 years old
pdf EPW_Leadership_Letter_of_Support_WRDA_2013.pdf 1.64MB 5 years old
pdf Final BRC GOM Ecosystem Restoration Strategy Comments.pdf 1.59MB 6 years old
pptx Final_LDOTD_50_Foot_Deepening_Presentation_71113.pptx 11.13MB 5 years old
pdf Governor_Jindal_Letter_of_Support_House_Bill_2_Amendment__41.pdf 1.8MB 4 years old
pdf H.R._335_RAMP_Act_of_2013_Bill_Text.pdf 110.25KB 5 years old
pdf House_to_OMB_S601_SAP_5.20.13.pdf 1.19MB 5 years old
pdf HR 104 Bill Summary and Status 21012.pdf 93.18KB 6 years old
pdf HR_104_Bill_Cosponsors_112th_Congress_32812.pdf 140.58KB 6 years old
pdf HR_104_Cosponsors_61112.pdf 173.23KB 6 years old
pdf LA Delegation Supplemental Funding Request 1.6.11.pdf 1.97MB 6 years old
pdf LaGrange Ways and Means Testimony on HMTF 2112.pdf 837.25KB 6 years old
pdf LAMA__s_Corp___s_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_1616.pdf 128.15KB 2 years old
pdf LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_11415.pdf 126.34KB 2 years old
pdf LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_2817.pdf 125.44KB 1 year old
pdf LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_5218.pdf 177.17KB 3 months old
pdf LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_6717.pdf 143.16KB 1 year old
pdf LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_71217.pdf 145.31KB 1 year old
pdf LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_7616.pdf 144.08KB 2 years old
pdf LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_8316.pdf 143.19KB 2 years old
pdf LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_8515.pdf 128.64KB 2 years old
pdf LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Forum_Meeting_Notes_9717.pdf 141.43KB 11 months old
pdf LAMA__s_Corps_Mississippi_River_Maintenance_Fourm_Meeting_Notes_7115.pdf 125.19KB 3 years old
pdf LAMA_Corps___2017_Revetment_Schedule_Update_and_Transit_Restrictions_Report_71917.pdf 143.14KB 1 year old
pdf Letter_of_Support_Mississippi_River_Ship_Channel_Deepening_to_50_Feet.pdf 213.19KB 3 years old
pdf Lower Mississippi River Dredging Update 31312.pdf 3.49MB 6 years old
pdf Lower Mississippi River Dredging Update 32112.pdf 3.5MB 6 years old
pdf Lower Mississippi River Dredging Update 32612.pdf 3.5MB 6 years old
pdf Lower Mississippi River Dredging Update 3512 .pdf 3.49MB 6 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_111115.pdf 140.06KB 2 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_11115.pdf 145.38KB 2 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_11415.pdf 3.48MB 3 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_13117.pdf 589.07KB 1 year old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_1515.pdf 3.5MB 3 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_21916.pdf 617.57KB 2 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_2915.pdf 3.48MB 3 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_33115.pdf 3.49MB 3 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_3918.pdf 745.06KB 5 months old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_41315.pdf 3.49MB 3 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_51418.pdf 604.85KB 3 months old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_52913.pdf 3.49MB 5 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_6717.pdf 609.75KB 1 year old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_71515.pdf 145.11KB 3 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_71717.pdf 606.56KB 1 year old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_72617.pdf 604.22KB 1 year old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_72716.pdf 609.96KB 2 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_7815.pdf 150.63KB 3 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_82615.pdf 150.98KB 2 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_83115.pdf 144.24KB 2 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_8716.pdf 609.83KB 2 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_91117.pdf 595.32KB 11 months old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Dredging_Update_91417.pdf 595.75KB 11 months old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River__LMR__Update_82713.pdf 3.49MB 4 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River_Dredging_Update_41012.pdf 3.49MB 6 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River_Dredging_Update_41113.pdf 3.49MB 5 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River_Dredging_Update_52112.pdf 3.49MB 6 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River_Dredging_Update_5712.pdf 3.49MB 6 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River_Dredging_Update_61212.pdf 3.49MB 6 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River_Dredging_Update_72914.pdf 3.48MB 4 years old
pdf Lower_Mississippi_River_Dredging_Update_7612.pdf 3.49MB 6 years old
pdf Mikulski_NOAA_Funding_Request_62013.pdf 1.24MB 5 years old
pdf MVN_60_Day_Lock_Status_02_Apr_15.pdf 1.66MB 3 years old
pdf MVN_60_Day_Lock_Status_11215.pdf 1.65MB 2 years old
pdf MVN_60_Day_Lock_Status_2515.pdf 1.66MB 3 years old
pdf MVN_60_Day_Lock_Status_Forecast_1417.pdf 3.12MB 1 year old
pdf MVN_60_Day_Lock_Status_Forecast_3117.pdf 3.14MB 1 year old
pdf MVN_60_Day_Lock_Status_Forecast_5218.pdf 1.9MB 3 months old
pdf MVN_60_Day_Lock_Status_Forecast_6117.pdf 3.14MB 1 year old
pdf MVN_60_Day_Lock_Status_Forecast_71817.pdf 3.14MB 1 year old
pdf MVN_60_Day_Lock_Status_Forecast_72617.pdf 3.14MB 1 year old
pdf MVN_60_Day_Lock_Status_Forecast_8216.pdf 3.06MB 2 years old
pdf MVN_60_Day_Lock_Status_Forecast_91117.pdf 3.14MB 11 months old
pdf MVN_60_Day_Lock_Status_Update_6216.pdf 3.16MB 2 years old
pdf MVN_60_Lock_Status_12616.pdf 1.65MB 2 years old
pdf MVN_Lock_and_Waterway_Status_60_Day_Forecast_71015.pdf 1.66MB 3 years old
pdf MVN_Lock_and_Waterway_Status_60_Day_Forecast_82115.pdf 1.98MB 2 years old
pdf OFFICIAL Dr. Ryan Executive Summary 1.10.12.pdf 1.4MB 6 years old
pdf OFFICIAL Dr. Ryan Final Report 1.10.12.pdf 1.62MB 6 years old
pdf Port_of_South_Louisiana_Dredging_Backgrounder.pdf 101.97KB 2 years old
pdf Presidents Export Council Transportation Infrastructure Letter.pdf 500.58KB 6 years old
rtf Propeller_Club_News___July_2014.rtf 32.99KB 4 years old
pdf Response_to_Statement_of_Administration_Policy_of_5613_Final.pdf 1.71MB 5 years old
pdf REVISED FY 12 Miss Riv OM Plan White Paper MVN v4 $127.6M .pdf 80.81KB 6 years old
pdf S 412 Bill Cosponsors Summary and Status 112th Congress 32812.pdf 97.57KB 6 years old
pdf S 412 Bill Summary and Status 21012.pdf 75.69KB 6 years old
pdf S_407_RIVER_ACT_Bill_Text_.pdf 99.59KB 5 years old
pdf Sense_of_Congress_FY_2013_Vitter.pdf 1.37MB 5 years old
pdf SWP_Hopper_Dredge_Pump_Out_Plan_10212.pdf 441.17KB 5 years old
pdf The_Corps___Institute_for_Water_Resources_Working_Draft_Comments.pdf 1.25MB 6 years old
pdf WRDA_2013_Draft_Text_31513.pdf 635.55KB 5 years old
pdf WRDA_Senate_Approval_Recognition_Boxer_Vitter_Final.pdf 1.08MB 5 years old